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Support Analytics

Innovate faster with analytics for help desk managers, agents, and support analysts.

The Challenge

Overcome Analytics Complexity

Insights are critical to driving innovation, but the complexity of leveraging support data requires new approaches. Organizations deal with:

  • Siloed systems are hard to combine (even within Salesforce)

  • Noisy data sources are time-consuming for analysts to clean

  • Tickets, case notes, and email threads require specialized AI

  • Security risk and blind spots from too many tools​​

Complexity Venn.png

Valuable data goes unused because managers and agents can’t read thousands of cases. Analysts want to leverage text sources like case notes, transcripts, or chat logs but it takes too much time.

Realize the Full Potential of Service Cloud

Halosight helps you leverage support and help desk data by providing packaged analytics solutions that install into your Salesforce instance. We make advanced AI, scaleable NLP, and analytic components that let you take action fast.

Top Issues Over Time
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