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Product Insights

The next big innovation is hiding in your data. Discover a new data dimension with Halosight for product managers and designers.

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The Challenge

Bridge the Gap Between Product and Support

Getting the attention of product managers, designers, and engineers is tough. Proving the case for feature enhancements often takes too much time. Support organizations are challenged with:​

  • Providing insights in a timely fashion that lead to product improvement

  • Becoming a partner in product innovation

  • Solving product problems like defects and usability flaws

  • Discovering gaps in knowledge and messaging

Halosight makes it easy to spot issues and share them with stakeholders. Our AI spots patterns you can share on dashboards that make you part of the product  development lifecycle.

Connect Product with Support

Halosight’s technology helps support teams partner with Product. Illustrated visual let you prove your case. Share insights instead of opinions. Skip repetitive meetings by providing access to signals like customer intent and causes of friction and escalation.

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We're Different


Product Friction

Spot conversations about product problems like usability flaws, confusing instructions, or broken parts.

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Author Detection

Knowing who's asking questions and who's providing answers is critical. Halosight’s author detection separates user and agent dialog.

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Product Detection

Extract products and categorize cases into hierarchies to analyze your unique use case.


Product Topics

Group cases into topics that matter to your business. Subscription based? Group by cancellation and. Direct delivery? Use shipping and fullfilment.

Drive Innovation

Product managers and designers need a constant stream of information and observations to innovate. They need what's trapped in help desk case data. Now you can deliver it to them.

  • Bring designers and researchers right into support

  • Deliver information that drives innovation

  • Go beyond suggestions and back up ideas with real data

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Product innovation thrives on data. Use what's hiding in plain sight.

Understand which innovations are hitting the mark.

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