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Find New Ways to Protect Revenue

Transform support data into action and unlock product insights trapped in support data.

Democratize Insights

Insights transform organizations when everyone has access. Halosight uses AI to find and democratize insights from chatter, case notes, or other support systems like Zendesk. 

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Operationalize Text

Make support conversations actionable

Stop depending on inconsistent manual categorization. Start leveraging qualitative insights from all of your data.

Most support data is textual and hard to use for to make strategic decisions.

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Agent Conversations

Guide agents using data-driven coaching that protects revenue

  • Qualitative & quantitative coaching metrics

  • Custom scores to evaluate agent conversations

  • Team comparison and individual empowerment

Data-Driven Product Strategy

Are you making product guesses or data-driven decisions?

Is your product strategy "golden gut" or is it based on real user interactions? Support data is an asset that every product manager should use. Use all the facts instead of a few anecdotes.

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  • Product/Feature Functionality Score

  • Account & Revenue Impact Analysis

  • Custom Topics and Categories

What our customers are saying about Halosight?

"They mined out the gold in our data."

The technology alone is worth the investment but the team that comes with it is where the real value is. Halosight worked alongside our IT and Stakeholders to really deliver value. They mined out the gold in our data!

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Duane Keys

Director of Application Development

O'Reilly Auto Parts

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