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Tap Into Your Dark Data

Updated: Jun 6, 2022

As a business, chances are you aren’t utilizing your data to its fullest potential. Yes, the data that are both consciously used in your day-to-day function and are easily searchable in your databases are being used, but what about everything else? The searchable, organized data are called structured data, and the data that isn’t organized, easily categorized, and is unused is dark data.


What is dark data?

According to Gartner, dark data is described as “information assets organizations collect, process, and store during regular business activities, but generally fail to use for other purposes.” Examples of this data include text, chat logs, video, audio, web server logs, social media, and more. This data is a huge untapped resource, and companies that learn how to utilize this type of data could develop competitive advantages.

Halosight, an analytics app that uses AI to convert dark data to structured data, provided some examples of the benefits of using dark data.


Here are some ways utilizing dark data can help retailers, SaaS providers, and customer support managers:

For Retailers

Through summarizing support tickets and text threads, B2B Account Executives can have more productive and thoughtful conversations with their customers resulting n positive customer interaction and increased business opportunities.

For SaaS Providers

By tracking and identifying how and when certain terms are being used in support conversations, SaaS providers can identify potential churn in product releases. This also allows product teams to monitor what customers are saying about recent releases.

For Call Center Managers

By documenting and analyzing how agents are communicating with customers, call center managers are able to identify training opportunities for their support agents.


By utilizing dark data, retailers can find overlooked sales opportunities, SaaS providers can drive product innovation and usability, and support managers can improve agent efficiency and find case deflection opportunities. It’s clear that there is an advantage to utilizing dark data, and businesses should start exploring the types of dark data they are collecting and how they can use it to their own benefit.

About how you can do more with the data you already

have using Halosight on the AppExchange.

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