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Agent Empowerment

Increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your support agents, identify knowledge gaps, and help them take better actions. 

The Challenge

Empower Agents, Not Just Managers

Empowering agents means they have the knowledge and tools to improve without always relying on manager approval. The impact of help desk and support software is maximized when:

  • Teams learn to avoid escalation

  • Performance history is documented and accessible

  • Agents can self-identify knowledge gaps

  • Teams can be coached on soft skills

  • AI and NLP insights are democratized and readily available

Case Duration

Conversation Topics that Matter to You

Most NLP solutions provide cookie-cutter results. But your business has a unique context. Halosight’s topic extraction is specifically configured for your use case so that agents get relevant information. Work with us to capture the topics that matter most to you.

Build topics that drive innovation

Informed Managers and Supercharged Agents

They say “knowledge is power.” That’s certainly true if you have support teams that are armed with the latest information about products and support histories. Halosight builds greater knowledge and intelligence into your Salesforce Service Cloud implementation.

  • NLP powered topics tailored for your business

  • Informed actions with dashboards

  • Coachable insights from Halosight Lighting components

  • Leverage new signals to find performance opportunities

Agent Interaction Score

Mentors Not Managers

Productive agent coaching conversations require contextually relevant information. The right information at the right time lets managers coach agents using valuable insights.

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