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Journey AI for CRM Customer Conversations

The most powerful new source of customer data is one you already have.

Protect Revenue and Unlock Your Data

Unlock support signals while driving operational effectiveness. Spot opportunities to innovate.  Customers choose Halosight to deliver positive support outcomes using untapped Service Cloud data.

Do More with Salesforce Service Cloud

Digital Innovation

Innovation depends on doing more with data trapped in tickets and case histories. Halosight customers leverage AI and NLP to discover new opportunities.

Categorize Cases

Don't scroll through long lists of case reasons. Halosight automates case categorization to streamline routing and workflow processes using AI.

Empower Agents

Information turns into action when agents have access to insights. Arm them with the ability to proactively solve issues instead of dealing with problems after the fact.

Signal Analysis

Track new support signals that drive case deflection, knowledge management, and agent efficiency. 


Why Customers Choose Halosight

Salesforce is our home, not just another integration. Delivered via the Salesforce App Exchange, installed in your instance.

Halosight is easy for IT security to greenlight. We help you manage SaaS risk by keeping your data footprint on our system minimal. We make compliance is easy.

Your business context is unique. Our solution is tailored to match your use case. We fit you because we understand you.

An analytic platform delivers the latest AI and natural language processing so you can focus on your business instead of on complex algorithms.

Scaling a DIY data science project takes months. Halosight accelerates analytics by leveraging TableauCRM and  Salesforce Data Flows.

Halosight’s processing power and visual displays allows you to tackle unique business problems for each of your departments.

Fast and Easy Setup

AI doesn't have to be hard. Halosight is easy to set up and integrates with other tools like Zendesk. Hit the ground running with native Salesforce packages, dashboards, and custom Lightning Web Components.

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