Natural Language Understanding for Salesforce

Use help desk data to understand
product friction feature requests support questions product friction case deflection product adoption billing issues community topics usability problems escalation causes design flaws agent efficiency chatter feeds

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Do more with data you already have.

Natural Language Understanding lets you use existing help desk notes, support emails and Salesforce Chatter feeds to make better decisions.

Surprising Insights

Find insights about your support issues and product improvement ideas using data you already collect as part of your support process.

Augment your existing analytics with:
• Top feature requests
• Causes of payment problems
• Product failures
Unstructured Data. Unparalleled understanding

Natural language.
Naturally insightful.

Natural Language Understanding allows you to leverage case history, customer questions and support emails.

Extract information about:
• Products, partners, features, and billing questions
• Root causes like world events and payment lapses
• Events like non-payment, cancellation, and failures

Unstructured data.
Unparalleled understanding.

Gather, refine and categorize every comment, conversation and email. Know top concerns and requests every day. Halosight targeted analysis makes every business decision more informed.

Augment your analytics with:
• product adoption and engagement
• feature sentiment over time
• churn root cause
• case deflection / efficiency
Unstructured Data. Unparalleled understanding

Augmented Analytics

Augment your Service Cloud and Community Cloud analytics. Discover product and service friction using Salesforce dashboards and reports in a tool you already know.

Use Einstein Analytics in a whole new way.

Add power and value to Salesforce Einstein Analytics. Pull unused help desk and support community feeds into Einstein Analytics and discover your next best product action.

Salesforce native.

Halosight is native to the Salesforce AppExchange. Designed specifically for the Salesforce platform to deliver a seamless, familiar experience.

Embedded analytics and visualizations in:
• Lightning Reports
• Einstein Analytics
• Einstein Discovery

Your Salesforce

Halosight is native to Salesforce.
Our app on the Salesforce AppExchange brings Halodata right to you. Halosight was designed specifically for the salesforce platform and delivers a seamless experience.

Use embedded analytics and visualizations tools
you are familiar with:
• Lightning Reports
• Einstein Analytics
• Tableau

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